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HSG Reg. 13th June 2021
High Gun C. Hall & N. Skinner 94
  Joint 1st, 2nd C. Hall & N. Skinner 94
  Joint 3rd, 4th, 5th M. Bowes 93
  Joint 3rd, 4th, 5th P. Masteroeni 93
  Joint 3rd, 4th, 5th C. Orrin 93
  1st J. Buckenham 89
  Joint 2nd, 3rd M. Fryer 88
  Joint 2nd, 3rd N. Moss 88
  Joint 4th, 5th A. Cocker 87
  Joint 4th, 5th S. Harrup 87
  1st S. Willis 90
  2nd J. Barnet 86
  Joint 3rd, 4th  A. Bonnett 84
  Joint 3rd, 4th G. Hume 84
  1st J. Hewitt 81
  2nd A. Last 79
  Joint 3rd, 4th P. Butler 77
  Joint 3rd, 4th G. Wilston 77
Vets 1st P.C. Simpson 89
Jnr 1st W. Page 85
Ladies 1st G. Moule 81
Colt 1st S. Coe 59

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