100 ESP - Sporting 25th March 2018
High Gun  J.J. Lee 96
AA 1st R. Bunning 94
  jnt 2nd/3rd D. Gooding 92
  jnt 2nd/3rd M. Myers 92
A 1st R. Deacon 90
  jnt 2nd/3rd S. Amies 88
  jnt 2nd/3rd Pete Simpson 88
  Jnt 4th/5th O. Gooderham 87
  Jnt 4th/5th J. Buckenham 87
B 1st S. Harrup 85
  2nd G. Patrick 84
  3rd A. Tyte 83
  jnt 4th to 9th M. Hermitage 81
  jnt 4th to 9th S. Hoskins 81
  jnt 4th to 9th A. Bonnett 81
  jnt 4th to 9th L. Thornett 81
  jnt 4th to 9th E. Ashton 81
  jnt 4th to 9th J. Bailey 81
C 1st J. Ellender 83
  2nd A. Bray 80
  3rd T. Baker 78
  Jnt 4th/5th J. Bonnett 77
  Jnt 4th/5th J. Carter 77
Vets 1st G. Moore 89
Ladies 1st P. Chapman 83
Jnr 1st M. Peddle 88
Colt 1st J. Porter 64
Pool joint A. Russo 9
    M. Myers 9
    B. Dunbavin 9

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