Highwayman's Sporting 11/02/2018
Joint High Gun & 1st in AA M. Myers 93
    P. Lovick 93
    M. Cobbold 93
    M. Bowes 93
A 1st P. Foster 89
  2nd A. Russo 88
  Jnt 3rd/4th M. French 85
  Jnt 3rd/4th L. Jay 85
B 1st A. Bonnett 84
  Jnt 2nd/3rd P. Garrod 82
  Jnt 2nd/3rd G. Patrick 82
C 1st M. Murphy 74
  Jnt 2nd/3rd M. Newman 72
  Jnt 2nd/3rd C. Hyde 72
Vets 1st J. Stanton 90
Ladies 1st P. Chapman 77
Jnr 1st D. Mawby 82
Colts 1st A. Tibbles 78
POOL 1st W. Reeve 9/10

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