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Joint High Gun E. Chapman and S. Whitelock 85
A 1st S. Whitelock 85
B 1st C. Monahan 83
  Joint 2nd, 3rd S.J. Davis 82
  Joint 2nd, 3rd B. Dunbavin 82
C 1st G. Valentine 81
  2nd S.K. Miller 75
  Joint 3rd, 4th J.E. Clark 73
  Joint 3rd, 4th I. Gunn 73
D 1st P. Romaine 72
  2nd D. Porter 71
  3rd J.R. Grant 68
Vets 1st E. Chapman 85
  joint 2nd, 3rd P.C. Lovick 81
  joint 2nd, 3rd J. Price 81
Ladies 1st C. Hall 70
Jnr 1st W. Reeve 69
East Midland Regional Champions E. Chapman - Badge on countback  
Senior  Gold S.Whitelock  
  Silver G.R. Spalding  
  Bronze G.W. Walentine  
Vets Gold E. Chapman  
  Silver B. Dunbavin  
  Bronze M. Bowes  
Junior Gold W. Reeve  
  Silver G. Howling  
  Bronze W. Page  
Ladies Gold H. Pointer  

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