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HSG Sporting 10th February 2019
High Gun N. Hendrick 93
AA 1st M. Stevenson 92
  Joint 2nd/3rd  A. Jude 91
  Joint 2nd/3rd J. Moore 91
A 1st L. Phillips 87
  2nd P.C. Simpson 84
  Joint 3rd/4th/5th D. Claxton 82
  Joint 3rd/4th/5th E. Coppen 82
  Joint 3rd/4th/5th I. Gunn 82
B 1st D. Quince 79
  2nd D. Hallybone 75
  3rd E. Clark 74
C 1st A. Hedgecock 76
  2nd T. Tatum 69
  3rd S. Page 66
Vets 1st A. Balham 86
Colt 1st W. Page 63
Jnr 1st H. Bevan 83
Ladies 1st N. Gilder 75
Pool   Peter Simpson (8/10)  /s

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